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Mailing Lists

Access to this page is to nominated Postholders only and requires a password rated at least 'Strong'.
Introductory text:

Use of Opted-in Lists

The Data Protection Act states that data be used for specified explicit purposes.

Full Membership List

We state that the full Membership mailing list deals with membership matters and is used for no other purpose.

When not using this page to email members our Data Protection Policy makes it mandatory that emails be sent as 'blind copies' if any recipient has not explicitly agreed to share their email address. As nominated postholders you see all email addresses in Member List, but those in grey are not shared.

External Messages

  1. At the foot of the right column, enter details of the recipient
  2. Click the button 'Select External Recipient Entered' to select this data.
  3. This will construct an email address to which the message may be sent.
  4. The firstname will also be used if you create a the salutation.
  5. Reset will remove your entry.

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