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Summary of Post-holder Roles & Access

Access to this page is to nominated Postholders only and requires a password rated at least 'Strong'.


    Access to the members' area and information about posholders is primarily conrolled within the following records:
  • Member Record

    • ph flags a person for inclusion in our printed menu and postholder web page
    • nph gives access to certain pages and parts of the system and to members' personal data.
    • rm gives access to the Manage Records menu.
  • User Record

    • system access is controlled here when a member registers and sets a password.
    • password strength is monitered here and determines what parts of the system may be available dependent on other settings.
  • Postholder Record

    unique codes are allocated to describes a role and define system access.   These can control viewing / editing of certain pages and access to role-specific mailing lists.
    • primary codes a postholders role
    • supplementary codes with a numbered suffix
    • email a generic email address is allocated (but set and controlled by the webmaster of the main website)
    Codes are managed at Manage Records > Admin > Manage Post-holders

About These Codes

These codes serve two purposes:
  1. They record the role of a postholder so that it is displayed in our postholder page and, as apropriate, in our printed programme, but the code may also provide additional facilities, for example
    • chair and tea define and publicise these roles, but
    • chair also gives access to a mailing list of the full club membership.
    • The codes compi, compi0 & compi1, for example all give access to the two competition mailing lists.
      The first two also define the role as Internal Compeitions, but the third code is sued only to allow someone else to have access to these mailing lists in a supporting role
  2. Where a postholder needs additional systems access to fulfil the role, additional codes may provides that access, for example:
    • diploma0 to diploma5 give access to the certain pages for the diploma team, rather than over-extending the use of NPH status.
    • dplmc_0 & 1 give two controllers of the scheme access within a page to edit certain data.
    Diploma Scheme Assessors are held in a separate table which adds a further layer of security. They may see information not on view to other users without the need to include them in the NPH list.

Generic Email Addresses

  • When standing-in for another postholder, at our Thusday groups, for example, a stand-in needs:
    1. access to the mailing list ,
    2. a generic email address to send the message and receive any responses from the recipients.
    This list can identify where that may be necessary.
  • Unused codes have been set-up for that purpose, automatically marked as vacant until allocated.  When allocated, forwarding of the email addess should be arranged with the webmaster.
  • Codes are managed at Manage Records > Admin > Manage Postholders

Record Managemend, Committee
and Nominated Post-holders

    The specifies that settings that must be maintained for the holder of the ost:

  • c
    The roles is a committee post. as specified in our rules
  • rm
    The holder of this post requires access ot the Manage Records menu.<
  • n
    Acccess to members' full personal data and toto the mailing lists.
  •     ... and along the row, after the name ...
  • w
    Weak password. No access to nominated postholder pages.

  • When a tick is displayed it affirms that the holder's own settings match the requirement.   A w declares that the holder cannot make full use of the authority.

    NB An individual may be displayed as having Nominataed Posthoder status for one role, but not another. That is because it is the role which is being classified.